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Bonita Jewels

The "Artsy Bee" Brittany is an artist at heart. Her creativity comes from her family tree. Brittany's mother was a dance teacher, and she loved theater, beauty pageants, and dance recitals. In addition, she loved to sew and design wedding gowns, dance costumes, and formal dresses. Of course, jewelry is a must-have for these occasions, so you can imagine the collection of jewelry and fashion accessories collected over the years: Brittany's sister, Brenna, shares in their mom's passion for the art of dance.    


Our family BEE story begins with the Queen Bee, Betty, and a King Bee, Boyd Buckwell. They had 2 "worker bee" daughters' named Bonita and Betina. Then came five granddaughters: Brittany, the oldest, then Brooke, Brenna, Bailey, and Bethany, so, as you can see, the name Bonita Jewels and The Artsy Bee had to BEE. 


For Brittany, jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive and honoring lost ones to Pancreatic Cancer, Covid, and Vascular Dementia.  


As a hairdresser since 2004, she continues to grow in the beauty industry by completing her cosmetology instructor license.  In addition, Brittany volunteers her time and craft with Providence Home Health Care for patients in hospice.  


Brittany lives in Fort Mill, SC, with her husband of 16 years and her three children, Jordan, Belle, and Peyton. With four bulldogs and a chihuahua, the family is complete. 

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